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Joel is a truly gifted healer! He creates a very safe space and often uses a very gentle touch to help your body fully release. He has way more education in various modalities than the average PT. I’ve had great results from seeing him for my chronic TMJ and some back tension.
— Marleei J.

Joel is an amazing physical therapist! His approach is holistic and very different depending on your needs and health desires, so it's always perfectly tailored to whatever your body requires. He's also one of the most kind and open-hearted people I've met in a long time. I'm not very comfortable with people touching my body, but Joel really put me at ease and went at a pace I was comfortable with, always saying what he was doing before he did it and stopping if I needed time to adjust. I initially went to see him for hip problems and migraines; my migraines are practically nonexistent now, and my hip problems are incredibly reduced. He's also provided simple and easy home programs to ensure that the changes we made stick around. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone seeking physical therapy!
— Kodi G.

I came to Dr. Joel on two different occasions. The first issue was about a year ago for a tight and painful right hip flexor. That took about 4 sessions and I cannot explain how he did it, but sometime after we had finished, my hip flexor is back to normal.

This current issue is for my golfers elbow on both arms. I’ve been dealing with it for close to a year. I’ve had 9 sessions so far and I learn a lot about my body that no other physical therapist has taught me. Traditional therapists provide very little hands-on work and primarily focus on giving me exercises to do. Dr. Joel spends nearly all the time with working on you and I’ve found very immediate relief. Unfortunately, I’m still dealing with the elbow pain, but we’re slowly getting there. It won’t be a quick fix, but I trust in him and trust the process.

It’s expensive because he’s private, but your health is worth it and if you break it down, his service is more valuable and you get value out of seeing him compared to traditional therapists. For me, other PTs spend about 15m with me before they send you off to their assistants for the rest of the hour. So that’s 50-60 dollars per 15m. So having Dr Joel spend the full hour on you, per minute, the cost is cheaper than insurance-based therapy if that’s how you like to look at it.

Anyway, there have been very painful sessions and very soothing sessions. I look forward to the cranial sacral massages. Those are the most relaxing and I’ve fallen asleep a few times because he helps relax my nervous system. Then the rest of the day feels pleasant because of it. I’ve learned my body is exceptionally tight and my nervous system needs a lot of work. These are areas that I imagine most people aren’t actively paying attention to that are equally as important. Maybe even more so.

His knowledge of your body is immense. I appreciate that he spends his free time reading and studying about his work. It shows he’s often engaged in improving rather than being satisfied with what he’s currently providing. I recommend him wholeheartedly. It may take a number of sessions and the cost can be hard to stomach because he’s a private practice. I was hesitant when I started too, but he’s convinced me with how he’s helped me. And the long term gain is more important to me. He’s also a really great person who genuinely wants you to be at your healthiest.
— Winston H.

I've had a chronic illness for a long time, seeing many doctors without much improvement. Then I met Dr. Joel at Total Potential Physical Therapy. He knew how to treat my illness holistically, and I felt better after just one visit. With a few more treatments, I started feeling healthier without needing medication. I highly recommend Dr. Joel to anyone experiencing pain or illness. He's made a big difference in my health.
— Sam W.

It's a comfortable and relaxing place. Dr. Kim is so nice like an old friend and so professional when explaining body science. You can count on him to help reach the best status of the body.
— Guoqing L.

Dr. Joel is truly unique and highly skilled in working with the body in many modalities. I have received both manual therapy and craniosacral work from Dr. Joel and I feel like my body has opened up new conversations with itself. Many old patterns that have caused me physical and emotional pain have gradually lifted, creative new possibilities for movement and self-awareness. If you want to have someone listen to your body on a deep level and help guide you to a better place, look no further than Dr. Joel!
— Argenta W.

Dr Kim is great. My migraines are less and more manageable since I've been seeing Dr. Kim.
— Mary Anne B.

I have been seeing Joel for awhile now and can verify he is a genius! His vast knowledge of anatomy and kinematics is unsurpassed. He is persistent in finding a cure for your problems. I recommend Joel to anyone seeking true quality care!
— Mark A.

If I could give more than 5 stars I would. Joel has helped me tremendously with my impacted mobility due to my cerebral palsy. I've seen him since around high school. He focuses on addressing the root problem over the symptoms of the problem. If anyone was to have the superpower of x ray vision, it would be Joel. He knows the human body so well! HE IS THE BEST!
— Sarah H.

THANK YOU!!!! Thats what I say thank youuu! I walked in with a little hope and I left with a big smile. My arm was stuck(I couldn't move it).I know that I have a lot of work to be done but I'd your to do it. I im a stroke patient 😌 They're HOPE....
— Stacey S.

I first got injured when I was in high school playing sports, I injured my knee and lower back and because I kept a very active life up until I graduated college, I never really felt the brunt of the injury. Once I stopped sports and started letting my body rest and catch up, I started to feel the effects of leaving my injuries untreated.
After 7 years or so, I decided to get checked because it got to the point where I was having difficulty walking and sitting for long periods of time. I got asked to go on a Leave of Absence at work because I couldn't perform my job duties.
Now that I've been going to Total Potential, I've been able to do daily activities with more manageable pain. I definitely recommend coming to Total Potential, Dr. Joel explains everything very thoroughly and in a manner that is easy to understand, so you know exactly what he's doing and how your body should move.
My favorite part about coming to see Dr Joel is that, while the pain won't magically go away, it has become much more manageable and easier to do daily tasks that before caused a lot of pain and discomfort. He has also helped with discomfort I didn't even realize I was experiencing.
— Claudia K.

The person that referred me to Dr Kim told me that the type of pt he provided was very different and they were right. His approach is holistic and I appreciate that he explains what he is doing during the actual therapy. I had frozen shoulder and had already received approximately 12 sessions of pt but my pain was never completely gone and i was still unable to lift my arm completely. Dr Kim fixed me after only two sessions.
No more pain and my shoulder is now fully functional.

I felt very comfortable asking Dr Kim questions during my visits and would definitely recommend him to friends and family.
— Diana C.

I have been going to Dr Joel Kim for lower back pain. He has relieved almost all of my pain. With his hands he finds all your sore spots and works out the pain. He truly has magic in his hands. I always feel better after I leave his office. I highly recommend him and his magic hands.
— Deborah F.

The doctor is benevolent. Carefully and carefully help my parents adjust their bodies. Grateful! Dr Kim has a heart of gold. He is very thorough, helped my parents adjust their body properly and taught them exercises they can do on their own to alleviate their pain.
— Michelle T.

I cannot recommend Dr. Joel Kim enough.
He is an outstanding doctor of physical therapy, a thorough professional, and has become a trusted friend.

I suffered an inflamed disk in my lower back from practicing jiujitsu (poorly, I might add) a few years ago and was in constant pain which made it hard to work comfortably throughout the day and impossible to participate in sports.
Luckily, I found Dr. Joel and he was able to help me recover in a matter of a couple months with purposeful manual therapy plan of treatment.

Since then, Dr. Joel has been my go-to therapist for any type of pain or discomfort. He even helped me get rid of knee pain that I had been living with for years. I didn't even realize it was something that could be fixed until I saw him. But with just two sessions, he sorted it out.

Literally, two sessions..!

After a traumatic event in my life, Dr. Joel helped me with treatment and techniques to lower stress, deal with anxiety, and improve my overall mental health.

But what really sets Dr. Joel apart is his genuine care for his patients. He takes the time to get to know you, your lifestyle, and your story. You can tell he has a true desire to help.

If you're suffering from any type of pain or discomfort, I highly recommend Dr. Joel Kim; he is always my first call.
Even now that I live across the country, I will happily travel to see him.

Thank you sincerely, Dr. Joel.
— Juan B.

— Tony O.

Dr.Joel is a master of his job, I was struggling whit the back pain for almost 3 weeks. One 90 minutes session put the end of my tortures. Thank you doctor.
— Shamir H.

Dr. Joel is super knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. You can see it through his treatment and care for his patients. I can feel that he is invested in and committed to improving the my overall wellbeing. Movement is life and he makes it possible for me to move better! Some say he's pricey, I say that he is worth every penny!
— Lesley T.

Dr. Joel Kim is a Jedi Master of physical therapy! His knowledge of every single part of anatomy, and how it all relates to each other is encyclopedic. He carefully listens to your explanation of what you are experiencing, asks relevant questions to expand his understanding, and then uses all of this knowledge, and years of experience, to create a very personalized plan to reach the goal of improved function. But he is not just brilliant; he is also kind and caring--- seriously invested in improving the quality of your life. When you want the best, look no further than Dr. Joel Kim at Total Potential Physical Therapy! Thank you for all you have done to help me.
— Norene N.

For 3 years I have dealt with lower back stiffness and consistent hip pain. This caused me to limp and prohibited me to run for the past years. With my first visit Dr. Joel Kim, he was able to assess my condition and address it. After the thorough PT session, my walking & jogging mobility drastically improved. Note I have not had prior medical conditions. I am elated and very happy of my progress after 2 days. I will be returning.
— Raul E.

I started having constant headaches after getting the Covid vaccine in April of 2021. I tried everything and went to different doctors, specialists traditional and non-traditional with no luck. I was referred to Dr. Kim by my doctor whose son was helped by him. I went not expecting much. Dr. Kim really worked hard to help me on multiple fronts. He found the triggers for my headache and has been effectively treating me for it. I forgot what it was like to not have a headache and we were both very emotional over that breakthrough moment. He has a unique ability to connect with you that I think comes from a higher calling. He is meant to help people. He truly cares and I cannot recommend him highly enough! THANK YOU Dr. Kim!
— Lawrence A.

Professional Therapy provider!
— Charlene C.

Joel doesn't rush you in and out.  He takes his time and figures the best approach.  He's not the one fits all kind of guy.
— Peggy B.

Joel is a wizard & is truly concerned about healing your body & getting you in optimal shape & function.
— Lisa A.

As I was getting to know Dr. Joel Kim, I could see that he is committed to working with patients as long as it takes to ensure they make the progress he and the patient expect.  I told him my problem (tickling and
numbness in my toes).

Each time I went in for treatment, he explained everything that he was doing and why. Sometimes the treatment was uncomfortable, but he prepared me for that feeling.  As visits went on he kept informing of the parts of the body on which he would be focusing. He also planned very carefully how he would address the problem(s). When he had a plan, he shared with me the problem and how the manipulation he was implementing would affect my feelings and the outcome.

Today, my treatment was so wonderful and a bit painful, however, I am not experiencing the numbness at all. Now, I need to learn if there is anything I am doing that exacerbates any numbness. Thank you, Dr. Joel!
— Molly W.

Dr. Joel Kim is a wonderful physical therapist. He’s not your usual physical therapist. His approach to health is holistic and effective that works in a short period of time. I saw him with a strained foot that wouldn’t heal quick enough and when he checked, he realized it was Sciatica nerve as well. In one session the strained foot was relieved from pain and the back pain from the sciatica as well. I couldn’t believe I was able to walk without pain! Thank you Dr Kim for the amazing work you do! I’ll be coming back to you! 
— Kinga G.

Joel Kim is knowledgeable, caring, skilled professional who pays attention to the details while never losing sight of the big picture.  His focus is your optimum total health.
— Cindy H.

Dr. Joel Kim is an amazing Functional Manual Physical Therapist, he is all about healing you from within and helping you feel good and achieve the remarkable - he has healed my migraines and mobility.  I recommend him highly to anyone with scoliosis, migraines, low mobility and anyone with chronic pain.
— Gilda M.

Dr. Joel Kim takes a very personal interest in working to help each and every patient reach their true potential and achieve the remarkable in their bodies and lives.  I recommend him highly
— Sandy R.
Executive Director, San Gabriel Chamber of Commerce

Dr. Joel has a unique approach to achieving PT wellness for you.  You can feel him pouring his heart into everything he does.
— Jerry R.

I can’t say enough about Dr. Joel! His hands, along with his deep understanding of the human body, work wonders. He’s been treating me for almost 5 years and has helped me heal from a typical back spasm to a numb left foot which lasted 3 days. His therapy and suggested exercises prevented this injury from possibly becoming permanent and I deeply thank him for that. Another session consisted of working on some old scar tissue on my right leg. It had been attached to the bone after a surgery for over 35 years and he felt that if we could detach it and loosen it from the bone my therapies would have even better results. So I agreed and let me just say that it was an overwhelming session! I cried and not so much from the pain(which was intense) but more from a strange sensation of losing or changing something that had been a part of me for so long! I was weeping uncontrollably like a baby. The emotional burst was almost surreal and the release was so satisfying. I guess we all have emotional baggage that we’re not even aware of and something like this session can just trigger and open the flood gates without any warning with an extremely positive outcome. Trust me, Dr. Joel has a deep understanding how your whole body(physically and emotionally) is connected. Do yourself a favor. Seek his services, you won’t regret it!
— Leo S.

Words can’t describe how happy I am to have Dr. Joel Kim as my physical therapist. My body was in so much pain that I couldn’t even leave the house. After just a couple sessions with Dr Joel I am back in the gym and I feel better than ever. I have gone through a handful of physical therapists and nobody even came close to giving me the relief I was looking for. Thank you Dr. Joel!
— William S.

Joel is an excellent physical therapist. I had a pain on my shoulder for years that no one could figure out. I tried chiropractors and acupuncturist and they couldn't figure it out. Joel got to the issue and also taught me to keep the pain away with proper ways to sit and lift items. Excellent!
— Jeff O.

Started seeing Dr Joel Kim for my hip mobility issue and it’s been three sessions and I’m seeing immediate improvements. I highly recommend booking a session and let Dr Joel Kim diagnose your issues. Thanks Dr Joel Kim!
— Gary Y.

It is a great blessing to have Dr. Kim to work on my 93 yr old mom who needs therapy to relief the tightness in her spine. He is very knowledgable and skillful in his craft of healing body from the inside out. So far, my mom has been feeling a lot better and her problems are being addressed with professional care that we never had experienced before meeting him. I, myself also had a couple sessions with him to address a sensitive knee that has been bothering me for a few years. I am so impressed by the way he diagnosed the root cause and treated the knee with the necessary adjustment and exercises. Now I can dance and work out intensively without feeling the discomfort in my knee. We are really grateful to find such a loving and highly skilled therapist in Dr. Kim. He is truly a rare find nowadays in what I call a top notch medical professional !!
— Lisa R.

Scoliosis or not? The testers were never sure in school. Gymnastics, yes, but walking tired me. Went into Nursing. Back pain increased. Helped the Cesarean Section patient get washed in the shower. Turned to get towels and slipped forward. Straight armed left arm. Slap tear. Rolled right hitting left then right knees and right arm. Shoulders replaced, knees replaced, hips replaced. Rolled over in bed to get up to go to work. Pain shot to 10+. Unable to walk. Neck fusion done. Back fusion done. Able to walk. After moving to CA 6 years ago is when second back fusion done because I was terribly bent forward. But it was a fusion failure. Between my back and hip surgeries I met Joel. There is no doubt he is gifted. His hands can feel the injuries and adjust them so I could live better with less pain. I am so impressed with his ever increasing knowledge. And his love of learning. His ability to put things back right into their proper position. Thank you Dr. Joel.
— Pamela U.

For almost 8 years I’ve been battling stage 4 mantle cell lymphoma. An excellent team of oncologists have kept me alive and functioning. I still teach as a college professor full time. But as a result of very strong cancer medicine I’ve had significant side affects that severely threatened my mobility and strength in my upper body, especially on my left side. I’m left-handed which compounded my difficulty. I had trouble writing, eating with utensils, brushing my teeth, dressing, and driving a car.

Dr. Joel Kim (Joel) became my PT 6 months ago. I’ve been visiting him weekly. He has dramatically improved my functioning in all the areas I mentioned. I’ve also improved my posture and walking gait since becoming Joel’s patient.

Although I’ve consulted a few other PT’s Joel has proved to be the best, by far. He is not just better, but is qualitatively better. His approach is wholistic, he sees the connections almost magically between seemingly disparate issues. For example a problem in my hand may be ultimately connected to something happening in my spine. As he proceeds with treatment Joel is very careful to explain what he’s doing and why he’s doing it. He often uses amusing analogies in his explanations. He also involves the patient in the treatment. I find this very helpful.

He listens carefully to what I say and acts accordingly. His compassion combined with a deep knowledge allows him to come up with creative, effective solutions. He is a determined problem solver.

Lately he has worked in conjunction with my OT. They communicate back and forth weekly sharing information and ideas. This has proved very helpful to my progress. I’m very thankful to have Dr. Joel Kim on my medical team.
— Pete R.

Dr. Joel Kim is an extraordinary physical therapist. He has a detailed understanding of how parts of the body relate to each other. Dr. Kim treats the whole person. He is thoughtful and sensitive, using his depth of knowledge to help me relearn how to move my body. I highly recommend his work. For years I’ve had pain and now feel great relief from his work. I feel so much better! Dr. Joel Kim is an outstanding physical therapist.
— John S.

I went to Dr. Joel Kim after my full knee replacement. Best decision i ever made. So professional and top of the line treatment. Do not go anywhere else. If you want to heal go see Dr. Kim. I was back to golfing 18 holes at 4 1/2 months. And he is a great guy.
— Michael Z.

I recently took advantage of a recommendation to use the services of Dr Joel Kim at Total Potential Physical Therapy. I have had to go through several bouts of PT over the years, for various injuries and issues, All with very good teams. Joel uses a uniquely different HOLISTIC approach, which both treats my current issue, but also educates and informs about the hows and whys of my current condition, and how to treat it effectively. Not only for the narrow view of the specific issue, but also, the related structures and systems that have Long-Range impact. I have seen notable improvement with my issue and have hopes for a better outlook in my future. I highly recommend Dr Joel Kim and praise his dedication and diligence applied to his practice.
— Stan S.

Been to lots of PT, chiropractors, acupuncturists, cupping, massage practitioners…. Dr. Joel is doing some amazing stuff. He is so in tuned with my body that he describes things I didn’t even realize happening. Most importantly, he works his tail off to make me feeling completely different than when I walked (or limped, or crawled) in. Walk run crawl or get wheeled in to see him…. You won’t be sorry!!!
— Wayne S.

Joel has greatly helped me with my injury. Joel is kind and thinks outside the box compared to their physical therapist. He never gives up. Thank you for giving me the gift of movement and hope.
— Josune S.

I have been fighting chronic pain due to full body arthritis, and repetitive-motion injury to both shoulders.  This pain made it difficult to walk, stand still, sit, and sleep.  Additionally, in compensating for my knee joints, I developed problems with balance that led to several falls.

Traditional therapies didn't seem to give me lasting results.  Dr. Joel helped me understand that all movement and feeling in the body is related.  He works to treat the core issue that leads to the pain, and the results are profound.  Some issues make take several visits to work through, but the process makes sense and is worth it.  I am more stable in standing and walking.  I don't need a cane or walker nearly as often, and sitting for long periods is easier.  My sleep is definitely improved.  I trust Dr. Joel's assessments and healing therapies implicitly.
— Robyn A.

They will be in good hands... literally

As a (nearly) 50 year old competitive runner and running coach I have experienced many types of injuries and aches and pains over the years. Thankfully I met Joel Kim DPT who has helped me rehab from many injuries and has guided me in ways to prevent future injuries and problems associated with being an aging runner. Knowing that Joel himself is a competitive endurance athlete gives me peace of mind knowing he can relate to all my issues. I recommend Joel to all my running clients knowing they will be in good hands... literally.
— Simon C. USATF (1)
Founder, Coach, Head Trainer
Invictus Running Academy

No joke

When COVID-19 hit, I had to stay in my home all day.  It caused a lot of disability for me.  I was eventually too stiff to walk and do chores in the yard.  Dr. Joel was always kind and helpful in treating my pain and helping me to find my underlying habits and problems.  He's really good at what he does.  No joke.
— German M.
Property Manager

Today I had a wonderful appointment at Total Potential Physical Therapy. Dr. Joel Kim really listened to my underlining physical problems. He taught me a more efficient way to walk. I felt balanced on my feet...which I haven't felt in a long time. He also worked on my rt. knee and loosened up my whole leg. As I left, I could really feel a difference. That's after one visit! I highly recommend  Dr. Joel Kim at Total Physical Therapy.
— Kelly K.