We're Hiring!

We are seeking a highly motivated and skilled physical therapist to join the community that our private practice gets to share in.  We are a private-pay physical therapy practice.  We are kind, fun, and adaptive.  We treat the whole human system, seeking to treat the underlying problem, improve function, and get our patients/clients to enjoy the life that they get to live.  We emphasize quality over quantity.  We continuously work to identify each patient’s unique needs.  We seek the hidden existing potential in every person.  We use manual therapy paradigms and associated techniques–primarily Functional Manual Therapy® (FMT)--to provide the best and meaningful results possible.  We have professional long-term commitments to the members in the community.  When patients and clients want to make an appointment, we are appointment only.

If you would enjoy:
 - Spending at least a full hour one-on-one with each of your patients and clients,

- Marked reduced paperwork requirements compared to average in-network PT office,

- Working in a 100% cash-pay office without the nonsense that goes along with insurance contracts and reimbursement,

- Having a pivotal role  in getting human beings to realize their hidden existing potential,

- Enjoy having professional and personable relationship with the members of the community

This could be the perfect position for you.

Attached is the PDF job description.

Download "Manual Therapist Job Description.pdf"